Women who create: Edition 05

The heartbeat behind the Be You and Thrive community, is to support and celebrate who we each uniquely are—our unique character, talents, passions and purpose!

Enter—Edition 05 of:

I am so honored to introduce three amazing photographers to you.

These ladies not only capture three of my favorite things in life: dogs, humans and nature—but their heart and passion for what they do, echos the authenticity within their unique niche in photography!

I know you will love visiting their websites and connecting with them on social media. Share your encouragement and let’s celebrate their passions and talents, together!



Meet Kim Hollis . BARKography

Love Looks Like This

When I am photographing a dog, I often think, ‘Love Looks Like This.’ For many of us, our relationships with our dogs are some of the most important relationships in our lives because they provide us with so much unconditional love. My love for a black lab named Buddy, led me to launch BARKography and I’m so grateful to him for helping me find my ‘why’ in life.

We’ve established that I love dogs, right? I also love to travel. My dream is to schedule BARKography Travel Sessions around the world. I’m currently booking sessions in Cape Cod, Denver and Boulder for this spring. Check my website to see where else I’m traveling this year.

One of my favorite quotes is by Agnes Sligh Turnball, “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

Visit Kim on her Website, Instagram and Facebook



Meet Helena Sung . Helena Sung Photography

Exploring the world and myself through my camera

I love capturing the beauty and colors of nature. Nature heals and inspires me. I love using photographs to share visually the feelings I feel when looking at a beautiful sunset or the blue sky or the ocean. I grew up in suburban Los Angeles, but moved away in 1994 saying I’d ‘never’ live in LA again because I thought it was boring and you had to drive to get anywhere. After moving to San Francisco, then Seoul, then Manhattan, I eventually returned to settle in LA last year (never say never!).

I moved to Santa Monica where I am inspired by the ocean, the beach, and the people. I love taking portraits, doing documentary photography, and travel and nature photos. I’m exploring all the genres of photography and not limiting myself. I’ve always loved photography, but got into it ‘seriously’ last October 2016 by buying a full frame mirrorless camera and have felt my creativity and joy explode. I hope when people see my photos, they feel inspired and uplifted by the natural beauty and human connection in our world.

Visit Helena on her Website  and Instagram


Meet Dianne Leigh . Dianne Leigh Photography

Fun, Fresh Photography for Fabulous People!

It sounds cliché, but I literally grew up with a camera in my hand and a love for photography. My favorite Uncle Gary, “Iggy,” was/is a great photographer. He gave me my first camera, a 110 Vivitar, and I was in love. In High School I was on the yearbook staff and spent time taking photos of all the fun happenings and then developed my images in the school dark room. My formal photographic education is through the New York Institute of Photography, but as any photographer knows, the best education is through practice. Practice, practice and then more practice.

I am the Founder and Director to the Teen Top Model Team, which is a group of young women providing community service, learning leadership and becoming empowered young women through photography. As a born creative, when my creative “switch” is in the on position, I have to do something—anything to create and let it out. In addition to photography I also love to crochet, knit, watercolor, draw, garden, write, cook, scrapbook, sew…you name it!  If you have a creative gene you know exactly what I mean!  I have 5 kids and 5 grandchildren and am blessed in so many ways.

Visit Dianne on her Website,  Instagram and Facebook


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  1. Danielle
    April 12, 2017, 3:59 EST

    I always love meeting new creative entrepreneurs! I follow along BARKography, but definitely going to check out these other two amazing ladies!

    • MightyD
      April 13, 2017, 6:44 EST

      You will enjoy getting to know them Danielle! xo