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For those of you who are visiting the Thrive Blog for the first time, I’m so happy you’re here! Please drop me an email or connect with me on social media. (I want to get to know you!). I introduced myself and shared why I felt the need to develop Be You and Thrive in the ‘About Page’ of this website, but I want you to continue to get to know a little more, as we begin this journey together.

Most of you may have read that although my name is Dannielle, I go by ‘D’ or (are you sitting?), ‘Mighty D’ —>Thanks to my big brother! When he or some of my girlfriends call me that, I just light up! It makes me feel, well, ‘mighty!’ My career began as a Creative Director (12+ yrs) and then life changed. I got married to the handsome man pictured above and moved out of my home state—so my career changed too! I became an entrepreneur, studied Viticulture (winemaking) and began a business. It was an incredible experience! Ten years later, I came to another crossing point in my life and decided to launch Be You and Thrive.

I recently posted a quote on social media by Benjamin Franklin that said:

Powerful right?! Stick with me for a moment, will ya? If we take time to be introspective, we will realize that through our various experiences, we can gain and lose pieces of our true selves, our values or our uniqueness. Some of this happens by bending or conforming over the years and also by simply living on autopilot. We can easily lose our intended direction in life.

Do you want to know how? We live in a ‘hustle-driven’ culture where there is not enough time in a day to do all that we desire. We run from activity to activity and when we have time to think of it, we question various circumstances in our life. We may wish our relationship with a significant other was different or that we felt happier. We may even wonder why we do things to ourselves that we know makes us feel worse. (aka: excessive eating or drinking, self negative talk, the list goes on….). Days, weeks and months continue to pass and we have those similar thoughts. Nothing changes and we forge on with the same habits, fears or emotional setbacks.

While giving energy toward all of our endeavors & responsibilities, we forget to be mindful of our valuable need for growth. You can’t give to others at the capacity you are capable of without consistent introspection and renewal of yourself.

Back to Benjamin Franklin’s thought; we aren’t really living.

Did you know that we create opportunity around us, by creating opportunity for growth within us? I coined this phrase, because the more ‘I work it,’ the more I experience its truth. When you take time to create opportunity for growth in your life, your relationships will change, your creative and work abilities will flourish, and you will experience happiness like never before.

You can start here with me in the Be You and Thrive community!:

1. Sign up for a weekly email:  If you haven’t signed up already, make your inbox happier once a week, and sign up for this great (free) resource . The insights provided will get you thinking differently and offer creative avenues for growth and positive change in your life. Click here to sign up

2. Hop into the The Workshop: The BY&T Workshop is a series of short courses that create opportunity for growth. Sign up to be notified when the next one launches. Calendar a small group of women to get together and run through a workshop (think book club!) or carve out personal time for yourself to sit down, listen, read, journal and grow!

3. Use the Thrive Blog as a resource:  The ‘Insight from Thriving Women’ section is filled with incredibly motivating stories from women around the world. So much of the information shared will offer new perspective and encouragement in your life.

4. Connect with other women: Share your insight in the blog comments section to connect with other women or  share your story with others. Also consider the idea of refining your tribe! Who we spend our time with on a daily basis impacts us greatly!

5. Be a part of the various Be You and Thrive ‘connection groups’ on social media: Speaking of new connections, Instagram and Facebook are great ways to connect with other like-minded women! We are having wholehearted conversations daily on Instagram!

6. Connect with me! I would love to hear from you and also get ideas on what needs you may have and how this community can help meet them. Please always feel free to email me at info@beyouandthrive.com or send me a message through any of the social media portals. I love collaborations!

None of us are exempt from the need for growth. Ladies, lets empower one another and together we can live to our full potential!

Big love,

xo~ D


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