Don’t stop, just wait!


Have you ever dove into something that you were unsure if you were ready for, but you just went for it anyway?

And to say the least, it didn’t pan out as you had planned?

Okay! We’re on the same page!


Lets dive in straight away with a few questions:

• Are you feeling unsure about how to step forward into the next thing in your life?

• Are you feeling anxious about these next steps? Or, have you been waiting and getting impatient?

• Or, perhaps you’re approaching something new (like a transition in your life, an ending or beginning), or you’ve been trying to end a habit that you realize doesn’t serve you….

• Or maybe, you have some desires that you have already stepped forward and acted on, but everything you try just doesn’t pan out?

Nope, this is not an infomercial!!!! However, if you’ve resonated with any of these questions I’ve posed above, the 20 minute podcast I just recorded is for you!

Lemme send a nudge your way as to why…..


Don’t put a stop to your passion, your desire or what you hope to step forward into—You are worthy of receiving and giving……just wait!

You don’t have to over-think, worry about timing, or the how and the when..

This week I’m excited to share the first podcast in a series of episodes, that will unfold ‘the why’ it’s so critical to wait, when we may not be ready to step forward.

Listen in below to a 30 second preview….

My friend, I have a passion within to see you thrive, bloom, grow and develop—so much so that you receive what you desire in your life—in ways that you couldn’t dream up!

Big love to you!

Be you, and thrive

Listen to the full episode:


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