Travel with D: The hues of Colombia

Travel through Colombia

Last week as I walked the streets of Cartagena, Colombia in the mornings before the heat visited them, I took in the sights of the architecture, all the amazing hues, and considered it a perfect analogy for each of our unique characteristics and how they add so much to one another’s lives.


travel through colombia

I am grateful for those of you who have brightly colored wit. You add joy, laughter and a lighthearted outlook to our world.

travel through colombia

As I walked down each street, I noticed that on most of the historical buildings are big thriving vines of bougainvillea displaying their gorgeous hues against the painted walls. This caused me to think about those of you who have the gift of encouragement—your outlook is always in bloom. You add life to those around you! You decorate our lives with hope, encouragement and love.

travel through colombia


And then there is the characteristic of humbleness. A leader who leads without a need for accolades. She is brightly colored and radiates compassion and gives all that she has—without a need in return.

travel through colombia

Each of us have an opportunity to give to one another, all that we have to offer—every day.

We can share our unique passions and gifts to others.  And we can impact lives if we are open to embracing all that we individually are.

travel through colombia

Which is why I was so grateful to have the opportunity to walk down each diverse street in Colombia.

It was an unforgettable reminder of my gratitude toward each of my mentors, my family, friends, colleagues and those who come in and out of my life—at just the right time.

Thank you  for adding ‘color’ into my world. You brighten it in so many ways!


Be You and Thrive


Cartagena, Colombia: Accommodations:  @ahotelnob and I stayed at the Casa San Agustin. Look for his upcoming review in the Blog coming soon!


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