The will to do it

What do you have the will to do?

We each have innate gifts that have been instilled in us. And people need them. People are in need of what you naturally do, and how you uniquely do it.

Think about this truth. And dive in deeper with me, as we discuss ‘the will to do it’ in the podcast episode 60.

There is also a downloadable self-assessment worksheet, that will no-doubt, stir up movement within.

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Click here to listen to Episode 60 of The Practice of Living as we Intend podcast: The will to do it.


Click below to download a self-assessment worksheet.


As you define your very own important and instilled desires, I hope you begin to see that much of what you are ‘on fire with desire’ for, is innate. It’s natural to you.

May we both be reminded that it’s the journey that we are on, that fuels what we are determined to do. Our work and the fruition of these things, are highly dependent upon the thriving environment that we create for ourselves on the daily. In other words, there is a deep layered journey to be taken within each.

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Big love always!



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