Sitting at sunrise

Power, grace and creativity at every sound and sight.
Movement of the water, the pink hues in the sky.
God’s greatness is everywhere—flowing, breathing, full of hope and life.


It generates a calling and purpose for everyone in sight.

The glow’s reflection settling in the water below,
rising with the peaks of each wave.

Gentle is the sound and graceful is the repetitive rhythm—
calling again and again to the shoreline.

Mighty, mighty is my love for you.


The formations above stand in stillness—
sweeping art of lines and shapes as the brilliant ball rises.
Glowing, outstretching its light across the heavens and the earth.

No art can compare to this daily creation.

The horizon wakes and another time in place begins.
The calling of purpose, the gift of hope.

A reflection of God’s love and grace gifted to mankind.

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Words developed from: my perpetual love of sunrise
Photos: Oak Street Beach in Chicago — Lake Michigan.
Photography | Poetry by ‘D’®


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