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Have you ever experienced, that a circumstance or situation progresses forward as you desire, dependent upon the words you choose to speak about it?

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Our words hold great power!

You  may be in a position of wondering, “When is the next thing I desire truly going to happen?” Or perhaps, you’re at the point where you have declared, “That thing I wanted. What a pipe dream! Nope, it ain’t happening!”. 

If you are having a health crisis, as an example, the more negative focus you give it, the more intense it will become.

Now consider the words you use on the daily, in any scenario. 

Are you speaking as if your words depend upon the outcome you desire? Personally, professionally, spiritually?

Everything we say, has the potential to either heal or harm, accelerate or put the brakes on. Our words can ultimately, tear down or build up.⁣ Even the language we choose to speak, will begin to affect how we think. So truly, we manifest a new belief-system about our present and our future, according to what words we choose to use.

What words do you desire to speak about your current situation? About your personal well-being, financial status, your work, and your future?

Your words create a trajectory toward an outcome. What outcome do you long for?⁣

There is great power and life in what we speak!!


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