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Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. I came home for a few days to Chicago from Michigan, where I’ve been visiting with my family for several weeks and I was honestly looking forward to a productive time at home in Chicago, before heading back. But it didn’t quite unfold as I had anticipated. I would explain last week for me, as sort of like being in a place of in-activity within activity. I went through my daily routine of errands, but wasn’t fully present. I wasn’t ‘on my game’ nor at my 100%. (Click here to head to Episode 31 of The Practice of Living as we Intend podcast)


In my heart and mind, I was still re-living an experience I had, just a few short weeks ago.

I recall standing over my father with my hand on his heart. I thought about feeling his heartbeat at tempo and then feeling it slow down. And within the 8 minutes after he called my Mum’s name—feeling that tempo, stop. So peacefully. So Profound. How blessed was I to be in that moment?

This week I’ve realized something monumental:


What is relevant, should always be the authority over routine.

I’m speaking of how we reach to achieve—and perhaps even please ego (to maintain our pride), vs. our unique ability to choose, and take action on based on what is pertinent in our own unique lives, in any given season.

This week I’m asking us both to redefine our perception of what is relevant.

In our technologically advanced society, we have the ability to see everyone at their 100%. As a matter of fact, it seems via the procured news feeds on social media, that there is nothing less than that shown — because everyone’s 100% lifestyle is highlighted.

How do these suggested and curated lifestyles speak to what is relevant in your unique life and circumstances?

And how do they impact the perceptions of relevancy that you are creating?

Ask yourself this question:

Is it relevant that you paint a picture or give an impression that you are living your life at the highest perceived level, or that you live your life as it continuously unfolds? And therefore you are malleable and you seek what is relevant at any given time.


This week’s podcast is all about asking ourselves, ‘Is it relevant?’ and redefining our perception.

Daily we make decisions and react according to what we perceive as relevant in our lives. Join me and take a few minutes in Episode 31 of the Practice of Living as we Intend podcast, to redefine what’s important. I believe it will make a monumental impact on your life.

Big love,


Be You and Thrive


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Episode 31: Is it relevant?



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