Point of view from Chicago

Florentina Morales, Chicago, IL


Get to know Florentina Morales of Chicago, Illinois, as she shares her personal thoughts and her unique point of view.

Be You & Thrive: Can you share one of your values with us?
Florentina Morales: One of my values is being loyal.

BY&T: Why do you think loving yourself is important?
FM: It’s important to love yourself because if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?

BY&T: If joy comes from a specific place within your life, where is that place for you?
FM: My joy mainly comes from within. It comes from taking good care of myself, putting my needs first, working out, eating well, reading, mediating and traveling. And it also comes from outside influences of spending time with family and friends.

BY&T: What caused you to laugh out loud recently?
FM: Having a conversation and lots of laughs with my friend, Sharon, who I happen to think is one of the funniest and most genuine people I know.

BY&T: Do you have a life motto?
FM: My life motto is, go with the flow.

BY&T: When ‘mistakes were made,’ how have you reacted positively?

FM: Whenever I make a mistake or something doesn’t go according to plan, I try to see the good in it and learn from the experience. It also makes me appreciate when things do go right and flows easily for me.”

BY&T: What’s your current favorite place on earth and why?
FM: The beach because it’s the one place that no matter how I feel or what I have going on,  I feel calm, grounded and centered. There are just so many components about the beach that are healing; between the breathtaking view of nature from the water, the sky, the sand and the sounds of the waves, to the feel of the breeze and the warmth of the sun on my skin.

BY&T: What word of advice do you have for other women in the Be You and Thrive community?
FM: Love yourself. Do what makes you happy. And listen to your gut, because it’s always right!


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