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Meet Marie Therese Batt of Bibbiena, Tuscany, Italy, who shares her gifts of writing and illustration on her Blog, The Business of Blooming—lessons of self love and self improvement.  Get to know Marie as she shares her personal thoughts and unique point of view with us!

Be You & Thrive: What’s your current favorite place on earth and why?
Marie Therese Batt: Lisbon, Portugal. I visited for a week but I could have stayed for months. The people, the language, the architecture, the coast! Everything was so inviting.

BY&T: Where does your joy come from?
MTB: I feel joy when my inner world is in accordance with my outer world. When what I’m saying and thinking matches with what I’m truly feeling inside. Doesn’t always happen, but when it does, joy happens, too.

BY&T: Name one of your values…
MTB: Patience! With myself, others and with life, because everything has its right time.

BY&T: What are two words that you live by?
MTB: “All’s well.” (Hey, almost two!) The problems in our life are problems because we see them that way. Underneath and above it all, all is well.

BY&T: What keeps you motivated?
MTB: Knowing that every idea I have inside of me, needs me to make it happen. Every inspiration that pops up in my head will stay in my head unless I act on it!

BY&T: What caused you to laugh out loud recently?
MTB: My 4 year old nephew, Finn. He says the most original things, without even trying, which is what makes them so hilarious. I wish I could collect them all.

BY&T: When ‘mistakes were made,’ what’s a positive reaction you’ve taken?
MTB: Laughed 🙂 I try to see mistakes as mis-takes, part of a blooper reel that we’re always creating. Why not enjoy it, too?

BY&T: What word of advice do you have for other women?
MTB: See other women as sisters instead of competitors. You don’t have to like all the women in your life, but try not to see them as threats.

BY&T: Why is loving yourself important?

Because no other love will ever be enough if you don’t love yourself. Not the love of your parents, siblings, friends, deities, etc. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be searching for the love that only you can give.”

BY&T: When there is ‘not enough time in your day,’ what’s something you always make time for anyway?
MTB: Without question, meditation. I would never leave my house without wearing clothes and I feel like meditation is my clothing, too. I don’t think I could show myself to the world without having done it!

Marie Therese Batt . Bibbiena, Tuscany, Italy “I enjoy writing and illustrating for my site, The Business of Blooming, where I talk about self-love and lots of it!”

Visit Marie’s website, The Business of Blooming: Lessons in self love and self improvement


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