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How to leave a review on the Practice of Living as we Intend podcast.

Did you know that taking time to leave a review can have an impact, and perhaps attract new regular listeners?

While the idea of leaving a review might be new to you, it’s simple, once you know how to get started.

How to Review the podcast in iTunes on an iPhone or iPad

You may think that the way to review podcasts on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad is via iTunes. In fact, you need to use the Podcasts app.

This application has a purple icon and should be on the first or second screen of your iPad or iPhone. Open the app, find the search tool, and enter the name of the podcast, ‘The practice of living as we intend.”

You’ll see the podcast’s logo (photo’d above, as album art). Tap this, then Reviews > Write a Review. Enter your iTunes password when prompted, then leave a star rating, a review, and a title. Tap Send, and you’re done.

How to Review the podcast on Windows/Mac

On a Windows or Mac computer, you can use the standard iTunes app to leave a podcast review.

Begin by clicking the drop-down menu to select Podcasts, then use the search box in the top-right to find, ‘The practice of living as we intend’. The search results will typically display a list of recent shows from the podcast; scroll down until you find the large logo for the podcast.

Click this to view details about the podcast, and you’ll spot the Ratings and Reviews button. (It’s possible to just leave a star rating from the Details screen, if you prefer to keep it quick.)

In the Ratings and Reviews screen, select a star rating under the Click to Rate heading, then leave a review. Don’t forget to include a title to summarize your thoughts (hopefully something that will encourage others to subscribe!!).

When you’re done, hit Submit; you may be asked to log in again. When approved the review will appear on the podcast listing in iTunes. Sometimes it takes a day, so don’t fret, your time was not in vain.

I am so grateful for your efforts in sharing the podcast with others!! May it continue to resonate, impact women’s lives and fill needs!


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