Navigating the holidays

How to find peace as you navigate the holidays

Hi friend,

How are you navigating the holidays this year?

I’ve experienced holidays when it’s as if I could literally feel my heart hurt. When my home had a fire and I lost all my material things—clothes, furnishings, photos and special mementos—It was painful. When I was going through a divorce, I felt deep loneliness. The year the man I was once married to took his life, it felt uncomfortably confusing and sad. And when my father died, I felt the emotions of loss during Christmas.

If you’re hurting, give yourself the grace to feel your pain, yet also know that whatever you are enduring in this season of life, you are worthy and deserving of experiencing peace this time of the year, as well.

I want you to know that I have experienced peace, even in the midst of great despair and heartache. I share this, because peace hasn’t come to me due to being special, peace has come to me, because I have been open to receiving it. I created a short 3-day guide to read over the upcoming holidays and into 2020 as a gift of hope as you navigate your way.

You’re not alone my friend! Join me in the study below:

May you and I accept and receive the beautiful exchange available to us and harness the fact, that peace is offered to us not just in this season, but during all seasons of our life—including the ones that feel hard!

I’m taking this opportunity to awaken my heart and mind toward receiving peace and live in the freshness of a new year. Will you join me?

Looking forward to walking through 2020 with you!

Merry Christmas!

Be you and thrive,

xo~ D


If this study resonated and you have a friend or family member who you think would also enjoy it, please share it! This is a great year end resource for us all! Big love to you!


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