Living in this moment

When we grow—spiritually aware,
we live a deeper life.

This is not to signify a hierarchy of being,
it is a choice of living:
the becoming of awareness.

Being present in our daily surroundings, interactions and happenings.


Life and our place within it, takes on new meaning and responsibility.

There are now ties and synchronicity within conversations, insights and experiences.
The bird’s song is noted.
Compassion is churning at a different degree.
A nudge of direction.

A desire to listen and fine-tune heart, mind, eyes and ears.

(listen to audio version above)


A day isn’t average anymore.

It isn’t task and success driven.
There is no desire to climb the ladder or receive accolades,
but to chase after humbleness, love, peace and inner joy.

To be filled with God’s abundance and hand it to others in all sorts of unexpected ways.


When free will takes a look within the layers of life’s road map.

We see the movement of ‘that was me then, this is me now’.
Our perspective shifts and mindset bends along the journey.
What was once a sharp focus, has become a blurred memory.

We are now living and giving in the present—where life manifests.


I can only be what I am at this very moment.

A collection of what I’ve chosen to take on board, lay down or release.
Each, refining all that I am.
Each, creating movement, toward all that I am becoming.

• • •

Words that move you
• poetry & audio •
A collection of  bite-sized thoughts & insights

Refining how we think, do and become

• • •

Words developed from: my awareness of the movement withinn all things.
Photos: (top to bottom):
Dolomites, Italy | Lanai, Hawaii  | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico | Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Photography | Poetry:  by ‘D’


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