Live as your best self

Happy 2020!

It’s wild to enter into a new decade, yet can be refreshing as it’s also an opportune time to reset and begin anew.

I’m always practicing to live as my best self over here and recently had a conversation about this very subject with a mentor of mine. We each listened to what the other feels that means to them. Of course, the question could be answered in a million different angles, because our minds go right to thinking about when we felt like our best selves last and what that looked like.

If you can’t go back in time (which we can’t) and can’t go into the future (again, we can’t), how can you live as your best self right now?

I’m always open with you and so below, I’m sharing what living as my best self looks like for me today:

• Accept all the parts of me (especially the ones that I’d rather not)

• Consider each part a gift. Use what I know how to do, without concern of outcome and learn from the parts that make me feel uncomfortable. Allow both to propel me forward

• Nourish and move my body the way I know my unique body needs this

• Don’t cap enthusiasm about anything

• Love myself and others in a big way

• Thank God in advance for all he is going to unfold each day

• Be bold, have integrity, laugh a ton and be lighthearted

• Be free in spirit and in mind

• Let go of what isn’t serving me and move on

• Rest whenever needed

• Remember God’s grace and forgiveness

• Don’t try to figure it out

• Accept encouragement and love from all the people I have chosen to surround myself by 

I know goal-setting is huge this month for many. Normally, we tend to focus on health or business/workplace goals. But perhaps looking inward in order to take inventory about what living our best selves looks like, will better prepare and extend our ability to meet the other goals we may be aiming for. 

This is what I have experienced as truth:

Creating movement inward, creates movement outward.

The list I shared above will change according to how I personally grow and change. This list defines a handful of things that will create an environment that will cause me to live in my fullness, right now.  

So now it’s your turn: (Pen and paper) Write down a handful of thoughts that are unique to you. As you describe and define what living as your best self looks like right now, consider:

• What characteristics and gifts you can re-highlight and bring back to the surface?

• Are there habits/things/people in your life that aren’t serving you any more?

• What have you made ordinary about your life that is truly amazing?

• Where do you feel lack, and how can you accept yourself even though it feels uncomfortable?

I have my list in a place where I can see it, in order to remind myself on the daily of what I desire right now, that will lead me to live my best life today!

I love walking on this journey together with you!

Giving thanks for you and our connection,


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