What to do with what you think you’re lacking

How often have you felt inadequate, and then gave up on giving all that you offer, or on doing something you truly desired?

How about the feeling that you’re lacking in one way or another?

I’m raising my hands over here! I have felt lack of the ability to accomplish many things, inadequate to communicate as I desire, and more times than I care to admit—feelings of insufficiency, in regard to what I have to give.

Are we over-thinking? Are our eyes so focused on being a part of what others are doing, that we miss the opportunity to fully embrace what we already have to offer? Are we comparing? Did we forget our uniqueness?

Join me in episode 40 of The practice of living as we intend podcast, as we discuss how to embrace the abundance that we already have. I share a really awesome and powerful experience that took place while in an orphanage in Mexico last week. It will no doubt touch your heart.

Thanks for listening in! I’m grateful you are here!

Be you, and thrive,



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  1. Jersey Girl Cooks
    January 27, 2018, 9:28 EST

    Sometimes we focus so much on what other people are doing and it is not good. We have to focus on ourselves and accomplishing our own goals instead of trying to live up to other’s expectations.

    • MightyD
      February 15, 2018, 6:17 EST

      Truth Jersey Girl!! We have so much to give and offer the world! xo!