Go ahead and invite it in—an invitation to receive

Invitation to receive

Hello and Herete friend!!….from the beautiful country of Greece!

What a pure joy it is for me to connect with you during my travels abroad. I am feeling blessed, refreshed and truly open to receiving all the goodness that surrounds me from day-to-day. And might I add—it is indeed all around me!

May we all be reminded that wherever we are, we have an opportunity to receive.

I wonder if you have ever had an experience or a moment that arises and it becomes, what I’ll refer to as an ‘ah-ha’ moment?! It’s one that feels as though it reaches out and grabs you and brings you into the idea of it—the idea of its truth or the depth of what could become of it….(and might I add, I honestly live for these moments in my life, as they offer me the ability to live more as I am intended).

invitation to receive

I am honored to share that I was gifted one of these while traveling this week!

Each of us are going to meet, interact and have relationships with many people. We are also going to experience joys and very hard times. If you’re hurting or have experienced difficulty with something you are going through (or have endured), I have some good news to share with you this week in the podcast.

In all sincerity, I believe I have a message for you to hear. So, when you have some alone time (at the gym, doing laundry, dishes, going on a walk or simply sitting and offering yourself opportunity for growth), I would be honored to join you.

Be you, and thrive my friend!!

Big love,


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