An internal spring

Internal spring

It’s the first week of spring (!) and if you’re living anywhere in the midwest—like I am in Chicago—you are excited for these indications of a change in season.

When I think of spring’s arrival, I am reminiscent of my old farm home where the daffodils began unearthing, and grapevine roots warmed from the sunlight, began sapping.

Where do your thoughts return as spring season approaches?

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internal spring

Recently a friend and I were reunited after not seeing one another for years. For the second time, we met between the maple trees on her property in Michigan.

“I feel alive and am getting along so well,” she shared.

Her husband passed away last year at over 90 years old and as she explained, “We lived life to its fullest.” As we caught up, talked and reminisced, I was inspired by all the life within her.

With the arrival of spring and the warming temperatures, something else was occurring around us that afternoon…

The sunlight that hit the tree trunks, began warming the trees and encouraging sap to be drawn up the trunk. (It’s stored in the tree’s root system during winter). And each year, she and her friends and neighbors begin the process of producing maple syrup.

There is an internal spring that you can tap in to that is available through all seasons of your life!

This week in Episode 43 of the Practice of Living as we Intend podcast, we talk about our endless opportunities for joy, laughter, renewal, and living life to our fullest—a constant flowing internal spring!

Why wait for a specific season to arrive?

internal spring


Join me in this cheerful and heartfelt episode—and lets tap into our internal spring together. There is much living to do!

Thanks for connecting. I’m grateful you are here!


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After listening to this episode you may find these photos of interest:

(Photo of Floyd to commemorate where he sat in the ‘sugar shack’ to help annually produce maple syrup)

(Syrup processing equipment)

(reunited: Kathy and D)

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