Intentional practices to make change happen

Make change happen.

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I’m in Hawaii this week, the sun has just risen and I am sitting a short distance away from the Pacific Ocean on the island of Lana’i. Nature has given me a nudge and I want to remind us both that there is something greater to experience within every day.

make change happen

Our lives are fragile.

And I am not simply referring to the circle of life. But our minds, our focus, the daily actions that we willingly decide to take, and the powerful impact they have upon our lives. And the impact and influence on others lives.

Your life has a greater purpose.

There is more to your everyday than the activities that your current role in life provides.

To hear more about the importance to changing our current and often habitual, lifestyle patterns. join me for this efficient podcast episode below! (click on the photo to listen in iTunes or here to listen in the Thrive Blog)

Exchange old patterns for new

Have you ever thought about intentionally making change happen, in order to live a deeper life beyond what you’ve currently created?

Below are five intentional practices that will lead us toward making positive change happen in our lives in order to experience the fullness and freedom that is awaiting us.

Practice 1: Patterns that repeat

Take a moment to think about yesterday or the day before. Now consider your actions. Your perspective. Your attitude. Your awareness. There is a greater depth to life than the roles that we each play on the daily.

Take away: Are the patterns that you’ve created within your daily life worth repeating? And if you repeated those days over again throughout your lifetime, would you be satisfied? What actions would you change?

make change happen

Any life change that you desire begins with you making a change.

Practice 2: Habits

Our habits echo throughout our lives. They create consistent chaos or they create renewal. Oftentimes the experiences that we’ve collected about ourselves and the world around us, have caused us to take on habits (even ones that aren’t becoming). We can become more aware of which cause chaos vs. renewal within our lives, and release the habits that are not directing our life as we intend. We can begin to invest our time and energy toward creating new ones.
Take away: How do you desire to create your life? What habits can you take on board to manifest the lifestyle and characteristics that you desire?

Practice 3: Greater experiences

There is something greater to experience within every day. Much more than the activities that our society, our culture or technology provides. Consider the gift of nature or an experience happening before us, that can offer us calm or peace. Or recognizing a unique and unexpected connection that took place with another human being, just when we needed to hear their voice or to release something great into their life.
Take away: Much of taking in the deeper experiences that take place all around us, has to do with mindfulness. What can you incorporate into each day to intentionally become more mindful?

Practice 4: Be you

We each have collected many opinions of ourselves over time through the various experiences that we’ve had.
Take away: What have you forgotten about yourself that makes you beautifully unique? A talent? A passion? A gift? And how can you begin using it to serve your greater purpose and the world around you?

Practice 5: Exchange

It’s not too late. At anytime, you and I can decide to make small or massive changes within our individual lives. At anytime, we can exchange a negative thought for a positive, a doubt for hope, and even hurt for seeking peace and healing. Your story continues for your lifetime.
Take away: What in your life can you begin to exchange?

make change happen
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Big love!
Be You and Thrive


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  1. Sami
    August 2, 2017, 12:00 EST

    This is an excellent list. I’m currently working towards be more mindful of my thoughts, emotions, and actions. They are all interconnected and it’s easy to tip the balance.

    • MightyD
      August 2, 2017, 12:28 EST

      I couldn’t agree more Sami! Thanks so much for your thoughts! xo~D

  2. dixya @food, pleasur
    August 2, 2017, 4:39 EST

    lots of great reminders…and a lot of it is mental energy and attitude too.

    • MightyD
      August 3, 2017, 8:44 EST

      Definitely mindset! Thanks for your thoughts Dixya!