Intentional practices to positively influence the lives of others

Influence lives

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This week I have been thinking a lot about ‘how I influence people’s lives.’ I have a huge heart and passion to influence others for the greater good on the daily. And I take it seriously as my life’s work.

influence others

I also find myself yielding at a cross-road that life has provided and I’m taking the opportunity for a reset.

To hear more about how I am resetting and consider pausing your life to reset as well, join me for this 8-minute podcast below!

influence others

I forget what people around me are enduring (none-the-less strangers), and I also forget how powerful our individual influence is on one another.

Have you ever stopped to think that the negative reactions of someone is a sounding board for what they are feeling inside? And instead of recognizing the heartache or pain that they may be experiencing within their life, we can tend to take it personally and react negatively in turn.

We come across these situations in various forms every day.

There is a bigger picture to each of our experiences. And allowing ourselves to become more aware of  how we choose to look through our unique lens and see and create our own unique world is relevant.

How are you impacting the lives of those around you?

Below are five intentional practices that will lead us toward taking action and impacting other’s lives for the greater good.

And it all begins with love.

Practice 1: Give and receive love

It seems like a no brainer, but not everyone feels like they are loved all the time. And I think we forget this within our day-to-day hustle. Every human has the need to be loved and to give love. Giving and receiving love is one of the most fulfilling experiences we will have in our lifetime.

Take away: We can become more cognizant of the bigger picture that surrounds us. How can you influence others with the gift of love throughout your day?

influence lives

We each need to feel accepted for who we are—without any exceptions!

Can I get a “Word?!!”

Practice 2: Acceptance without exception

I’ve been in relationships where there were indeed exceptions. And it’s heart-breaking and confusing because suddenly, ‘being me’ isn’t good enough.

Having relationships where each party accepts that ‘growth is always in process’ is incomparable to any other.

Takeaway: Are there exceptions that need to be erased within relationships that you currently have? Can you practice accepting people (and yourself) for who you:they are and where they:you are in life right now?

Practice 3: Support

If you follow any of the Be You and Thrive social media feeds, you know I have a passion to travel and blog about my experiences! Along many journeys with my husband @ahotelsnob we have had the joy and blessing of getting to know many people and their cultures. These people have impacted our lives greatly!

I have seen many, many humans supporting other humans in ways I don’t often get to see in my homeland. Their influence of support is powerful.

We are each going to endure difficulties, and the support of those we are surrounded by is necessary. We don’t realize it until we need it. Leaning on one another in difficult times offers hope, peace, rest and shares our compassion.

Takeaway: Whenever you are capable of being strong for someone who is going through a weaker season in life, reach out and support them. It will impact their lives greatly.

Practice 4: Encourage

To encourage someone is to inspire with courage, spirit and confidence. It’s fostering determination, hope and sharing love.

I would not be where I am today without the people in my life that have shared their encouragement and belief in me.

We can each offer this beautiful gift to others—as so often, it is someone else who see the greatness with us—and we need reminded of this uniqueness within.

Takeaway: How can you offer support, love and encouragement to others on the daily?

Practice 5: Loyalty

When I mention the word ‘loyalty’, do specific people come to mind?

Through change in life circumstances: perhaps health, an unsuccessful season in life, loss of job or simply difference of opinion—a loyal friend is a gift of a lifetime.

We have all experienced the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of life. And unfortunately, we have also all experienced the loss of relationships—perhaps due to loyalty.

Takeaway: Loyalty is pure devotion and faithfulness. No. matter. what. Who do you share your loyalty to?

I am so grateful to represent loyalty and offer it to you as we practice living as we intend—together!


influence lives

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Big love!



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  1. Gabby
    July 27, 2017, 8:37 EST

    Great post! You’ve shared a lot of wise and inspirational thoughts here. Thank you for this!

    • MightyD
      July 27, 2017, 8:26 EST

      My honor Gabby!! xo~D

  2. Katie
    July 28, 2017, 7:58 EST

    Wow.. what a great list. It is clear you practice these in your own life. Thanks for being an example of how to do this. 🙏

    • MightyD
      August 1, 2017, 1:41 EST

      My pure honor Katie! I do my best each day to live life as I truly intend. I’m far from perfect, but absolutely practice daily! xo~D