Hope is putting faith to work…


Doubting is much easier, right? This “have faith” thing is harder than it looks isn’t it?!


Are you in the midst of something that you are doubting the outcome that you desire? Are you having trouble making decisions without wondering if they are right or not? Are those voices that question everything talking louder than the ones that trust everything?

Well, if so, you are not alone! Look at your co-worker. Look at your neighbor. Look at your grocery store clerk. Look at your waiter. Look at your pastor. Look at your friend. They ALL have trouble trusting and hoping vs worrying and doubting ALL THE TIME. We all do.

But this is where hope comes in!

Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier.

Let’s grab on tight to hope. Let’s tell others about hope. Let’s not beat ourselves up when doubt creeps in for a moment. Let’s have hope.

•  •  •

About Sarah Stevens.


Sarah is an artist who wears many hats…watercolor, hand lettering, calligraphy, typography and reclaimed wood art are her favorites. She loves to use her art to inspire others. ‘I have always felt there was power in words, warmth in color, strength in typography and an abundance of blessings found in inspired art. I am amazed daily of how that shows up to be the truth.’

Sarah’s passion behind creating each piece is heartfelt. When you visit her website and Instagram, you will quickly be inspired as her powerful words through short stories are genuinely present.



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