Musings from D: Every heartbeat

I’m sitting here a bit off my morning routine. With experience, I have found that I need to have unique guidelines to begin my day, in order to refuel and renew my outlook, keep myself productive and headed in the right direction. And most days, I am committed to it.

But today feels different and I am still sitting in the living room. Antonio Vivaldi is playing through the speakers and my Miss Sofia dog is snoozing away on her comfortable bed alongside my chair. Her fur belly is rising up and down with each heartbeat.

I’m reminiscing about this weekend. I had the gift of spending time with my girlfriends—the joy, love and intimacy of our friendship that we share, is like no other. It fills so many spaces in my head and heart.

These relationships strengthen my heartbeat daily.

Amongst the joy that I feel this morning, I also feel heartache, as I think about an extension of our family whose daughter is no longer with us. Her life was lost last week—a battle with depression.

Oh her heartbeat for the love of her daughter must ache, as she breaths in and out today.


It’s intricate.

It’s joyful.

It’s heartache.

It’s hard to comprehend.

Life is going to bring freedom of fresh waves and also waves of devastation.

Today, I capture the fresh waves from the fulfillment of quality time with my friends, and pause to presently sit through this very moment I find myself in—the space between celebrating the joy that others bring to my life and the heartache for others who have lost the very thing I am celebrating.

Through this experience, I find myself more sensitive to others and what we may not know they are enduring.

May we each be open to giving more of our love, compassion and empathy.

Life is precious.

May we be grateful.

With every heartbeat.


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  1. Dedra
    March 20, 2017, 11:41 EST

    Oh that is a horrible thing for a mother.  I can’t even begin to understand.  I feel for her and I feel for you, as her friend.  Prayers D.