@ahotelsnob: Four Seasons Downtown, New York, NY, USA

Four Seasons Downtown, New York, NY

We were schooled recently by an Immigration Officer at Heathrow Airport that “there is no downtown in London, it’s Central, or The City”. Well, New York isn’t London, and there is a Downtown and it isn’t Midtown or West Village or the LES.

four seasons downtown new york

Four Seasons opened its second Manhattan property this year as part of a larger condominium project in the magnificent Downtown or Financial District (sorry, I can’t use FiDi, I just can’t) once known primarily for the World Trade Center tragedy.

Rebirth is a strong word but I can think of no other to describe the incredible energy emanating from an area of New York City once switched off when office-hours ended.  Downtown is thriving and Four Seasons has brought another marque hotel flag to complement the boutique properties like The Beekman (more on that gem in another post) or the rather awkwardly located Ritz Carlton Battery Park Ritz.

four seasons downtown new york

Four Seasons Downtown delivers what most people expect from this brand – comfortable rooms, great bedding, and like all new hotels, a generous bathroom space. It also delivers an air of corporate design. There are some gorgeous details in the entry foyer stairway and clever art pieces (are those gold bars in the lobby?), but the rooms feel a bit soulless.

four seasons downtown new york


four seasons downtown new york

Nothing wrong and perfectly comfortable, but for @ahotelsnob, I’m impressed by creativity and style rather than an awkwardly placed daybed in the middle of an already full room of desks, chairs, bed and nightstands.

I got a good night’s sleep though.

four seasons downtown new york

I’m fine with the physical design of 4SD and will stay there again, but their failing was service.

The hotel proudly announces that the front desk team also fulfill concierge duties. Ok, so when asked their thoughts on someplace “close and local”, a concierge response isn’t to start Googling madly for restaurant names. If you’re new to downtown or just aren’t familiar, it’s fine to go grab a colleague that does know.  When asked for a quiet space to prep for an upcoming meeting, instead of saying “go upstairs and use one of the completely empty ballrooms for your 45 minute discussion”, the answer seems to be “we have nothing available for you to use”. I guess one of the challenges with a bigger hotel and bigger brand is empowering the staff to provide genuine service.

Maybe the management has had issues with the team free-styling the moment with guests but those are the real experiences and connections that most of us seek when traveling.

Seems like time to school the 4SD team in how to say “yes” I can help you.

Be inspired. Go explore.

Mr. Maki

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Short notes:

• Worth a visit for downtown business or sights.

• Fabulous location near Fulton transit station.

• A wall-mounted three-way mirror. Boom!

• Who loves an indoor pool. But it’s still really sexy.

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  1. Lisa
    July 24, 2017, 11:17 EST

    ❤️ love the room layout and gorgeous bathroom. Definitely a place I want to stay at if I ever get to New York.

  2. Tanvi Rastogi
    July 24, 2017, 2:36 EST

    The room sure looks good. Will have to check it out on my next visit. Thanks for yoru honest review.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  3. Yolanda
    July 24, 2017, 2:55 EST

    Accommodations look lovely, except for the day bed. I can’t believe the Four Seasons didn’t have a true concierge service. ?