Exchange old patterns for new

Exchange old patterns for new.

I’m in Hawaii this week, the sun has just risen and I am sitting a short distance away from the Pacific Ocean on the island of Lana’i. Nature has given me a nudge and I want to remind us both that there is something greater to experience within every day.

Exchange old patterns for new

Our lives are fragile.

And I am not simply referring to the circle of life. But our minds, our focus, the daily actions that we willingly decide to take, and the powerful impact they have upon our lives. And the impact and influence on others lives.

Today I want you to know that,

Your life does have a greater purpose.

There is more to your everyday than the activities that your current role in life provides.

We can begin to exchange old patterns of living for new, and live a deeper life beyond what we’ve currently created.

In this episode I ask us both several questions to get us thinking about our current and often habitual, lifestyle patterns. What can be exchanged in order to experience the fullness and greatness that is awaiting us?

I hope you allow this short ‘Thrive for 5!’ episode become your nudge to begin taking action toward the life of freedom that you are so worthy of!

Big love my friend!

Mwah! XO~D

Be You and Thrive

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Thrive for 5! Thrive for 5 is an ongoing series of 5 minute podcasts. Thoughts that I share with you about whatever is on my heart in heartfelt hopes that they become catalysts that motivate you toward change and growth.

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Exchange old patterns for new

Episode 26:
Exchange old patterns for new

Run Time: 5+ minutes 🙂 Listen to the salutation to hear about running over the 5 minute mark a bit…!

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