Nothing is fixed. Everything shifts.

Everything shifts

Have you ever been in a place of question or concern, due to the realization that something that used to work—a routine, relationship, a way of doing something in particular, or a way of thinking—suddenly doesn’t work anymore?

Perhaps it took you some time to come to this conclusion, that something is no longer working for you. Or it may be that change arrived abruptly, as if you opened your palm and it was handed to you. No doubt, that adjustment was felt immediately. It’s also possible that you are in the midst of an awareness of change taking place right now, even as you read these words.

Either way, nothing is fixed. Everything shifts. 


I recently had the joy of walking through a Redwood and Sycamore tree forest in California. Nature and its gift for the senses, is one of my favorite treasures in life.  As I walked on the forest floor, eyes gazing up toward the sky and down toward the enormous tree trunks, I stopped to observe a massive Sycamore that had fallen on its side. It was easy to spot among the pattern of the nearby trees, each standing upright. Navigating through brush to get a closer look, it was evident that the tree had been laying parallel to the ground, for a very long time.

I stood facing the entire base of the tree, once connected to the earth and marveled at the root system. It was spilling from the Sycamore’s trunk, in perfect condition—a vascular system, transporting water, minerals and food—remained untouched, adjoining the surface of the soils beneath.

Although the tree seemed unstable and out of place in comparison to its surroundings, as I examined the circumstance in greater detail, the tree was actually sound, deeply-rooted and flourishing!

This experience, as well as many others, have developed a curiosity about the connection between our external circumstances and our internal response.

Can you reflect on an internal discomfort you’ve endured, due to an external experience?

When considered, is there an association to a situation that you are going through, and how you are feeling within? (physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally).


everything shifts

When we understand the mind+body+spirit and experience connection, accept that nothing is fixed and everything shifts and let go of pre-conceived ideas that we can only flourish in a way that we personally have envisioned—we arrive to a new place of living;

A place where life unfolds, unprompted and unforced.

Similar to the Sycamore tree, we are more grounded than ever.

Join me in The Practice of Living as we Intend podcast: Nothing is fixed. Everything shifts.

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I’m honored to share these insights from my heart, to yours.

Be you, and thrive,

Xo~D (Dannielle)

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