Episode 20: Are you evolving or revolving?

The Practice of ‘Living as we Intend’

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Each time-efficient episode offers empowering practices to intentionally incorporate into your everyday life.

Episode 20: Are you evolving or revolving

Have you ever gone through something in life and felt like throwing up your hands as if in, ‘I surrender mode?’ or thought to yourself, ‘What else could possibly happen to me?’

I sure have!! Today in the podcast, I get a little emotional as I share some personal, ‘raise the white surrender flag’ experiences with you. I also share why I believe we have a choice to evolve from them and how to do it.

There is a reason why I practice living my life with intention. And I share it with you today, as I celebrate the 20th episode of The Practice of Living as we Intend podcast!!

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Episode 20: Are you evolving or revolving?
Run Time: 20 minutes


Podcast Summary:

Are you Evolving or Revolving?

(00:53) Have you ever gone through something in life and felt like throwing up your hands as if in ‘I surrender mode?’  or thought to yourself, ‘What else could possibly happen?’

(2:27) If we take the growth on board, this is how we individually evolve, find our purpose, find acceptance, healing, and I’ll go as far to say we find our freedom to live.

(4:05) Several years ago my father was diagnosed with bone cancer. I remember his first surgery when the oncologists went in and got all the cancer. But then unfortunately, it reappeared.

(6:09) That period of decision-making was a real difficult one for my father.  I don’t know his exact thoughts, but I know that each of us know what the fear of the unknown is like.

(8:20) He allowed his circumstance to open up the gift of growth in his life.

(10:05) I actually love that phrase ‘perfectly imperfect.’ Maybe it’s the intense person in me who is content that at least I get to use the word ‘perfect’ some how in my life!

(12:18) In those hardest moments, in the moments where you are confused, in the moments where you have no words, in the moments where you are feeling overwhelmed, in the moments when you don’t have a solution, in those moments when you feel like you have a roadblock in front of you—Don’t revolve. Choose to Evolve. This is how I choose to evolve…

(14:15) Which leads me to gratitude. Every day, every hour of the day, we can look around us and see something we should be ecstatically grateful for. But we’re human and we forget. So I also practice seeing differently.

(16:14) And when you are open to it, I promise you that people will cross your path that. You. Need just in the right moment. And it will be completely unexpected and it will also be a complete gift.

(18:15) See the greater good. See the change in you. Note the growth. learn to adapt to evolve to grow and to become the woman that you were intended to be.


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  1. Summer Stewart
    June 15, 2017, 1:24 EST

    So, so powerful! Bust out the tissues ladies, and prepare to get real with ourselves!!
    D, your ability to put into words in such a genuine , human, relatable way , what so many women feel, is such a gift. Thank you for sharing and creating such a wonderful resource that challenges us all to grow, to be vulnerable and lean on our tribe! Your words are truly cleansing and healing! Thank you!

    • MightyD
      June 15, 2017, 1:34 EST

      Oh Summer! Your words are a gift to me! Thank you for filling up my heart to full and over-flowing! I am grateful the podcast resonated with you. It is my pure honor to share! xo~D