Where did that courageous woman go?

Where did that courageous woman go?

I’ve returned from Hawaii and have been running some errands in Chicago, before heading to Michigan to be with my dad.

I recently dropped our car off at the dealership for maintenance, and I noticed the man who accepted my vehicle was out of sorts. At some point he finally ran up to me and explained, “My wife just had our first baby prematurely two days ago! I was just told I had a 911 call and ran to the phone thinking it was the hospital and it was a woman who’s small detail part to a side mirror was chipped.”

We stood there together and laughed about the situation and then talked about his new born baby. And I felt like we were like-minded enough to share with him that my father was with Hospice and is slowly dying.

And we both agreed how significant these seasons are within our lives!

courgeous woman

They bring us into more awareness of what’s important and not, they open us up to the meaning and impact of love, they cause us to think deeper, act with greater intention and in turn, grow as unique individuals.

So why do we forget these lessons that at one point brought us strength and helped us through challenging times?

courageous woman

Why aren’t we using what we once learned—when its needed most?

Join me in Episode 27 as we unravel the ‘why’ and take on board the essentials during our next unexpected transition.

I’m so happy you are here connecting with me!

Big love,


Be You and Thrive

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courageous woman


Episode 27: Where did that courageous woman go?
Run time: 20 minutes


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  1. Anna
    August 11, 2017, 7:27 EST

    Thank you for reminding me about that inner strength. My daughter was also born prematurely and you brought my thoughts back to that day when that miraculous moment happened. xxx

    • MightyD
      August 14, 2017, 11:48 EST

      My honor Anna! I am so happy you were able to revisit a beautiful moment. Big love! ~D