BY&T Podcast Episode 18: You can live a deeper life..

The Practice of ‘Living as we Intend’

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Each time-efficient episode offers empowering practices to intentionally incorporate into your everyday life.

Episode 18: You can live a deeper life

When I find myself struggling—like getting easily frustrated, feeling tired or like life feels chaotic, unmanageable or I lose my gumption for what I know I am deeply passionate about—I know it’s time to reset and take inventory.

In today’s episode, I ask you a few questions as we dive in to check if you’re living life on the surface, or living it deep! I explain what both mean and the importance and reward that living deeper gifts us.

I promise, you don’t want to miss this short but valuable episode.

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Whether you schedule a few minutes to begin your day or multi-task while listening for needed renewal (aka laundry, workout, walk, dishes….!), I look forward to being a part of your journey—and you a part of mine!

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Episode 18: You can live a deeper life

Run time: 8 minutes


Podcast Summary:

(00:54) As we head into the next few days, will you practice being more cognizant of those around you?

(1:37) There are so many people hurting (even people in our inner tribe and family) and we don’t take the time to address it…

(2:17) Let’s also look within and take some inventory. Ask yourself these questions:

(3:06) When I find myself struggling—easily frustrated, feeling tired or like life feels chaotic, or unmanageable ….

(3:56) But YOU know. Your head and your heart knows.

(4:40) And so if you’re on the surface right now, don’t give up—you always have the choice to dive in deeper!

(5:18) Living a deeper life doesn’t mean that your life is perfect!

(6:04) You replace a negative thought with a positive one. You remind yourself that you have forgiven a person when old feelings rise up again.

(7:00) I desire the same for you because I know the reward that it brings.


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