BY&T Podcast Episode 11: You influence others

 The Practice of ‘Living as we Intend’

A BY&T lifestyle podcast for women.

Each time-efficient episode offers empowering practices to intentionally incorporate into your everyday life.

Episode 11: You influence others

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the relationships that you’ve had (and currently have) and how they impact your life? Would you venture to say that the people in your life have helped you become who you are today?

In this episode, we explore our relationships and their influence, the importance of navigating through new and past relationships (aka letting go when necessary) and how to influence the lives of the people we are connected to. Join me and listen, reflect and be inspired, as we practice ‘Living as we Intend’ together!

Whether you schedule a few minutes to begin your day or multi-task while listening for needed renewal, I look forward to being a part of your journey—and you a part of mine!

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Listen to Episode 11 below!

BY&T Podcast Episode 11: You influence others
Run Time: 22:00 minutes

Free download: 10 Intentional Practices to Influence others

Summary of Podcast:

Episode 11: You influence others

(00:36) Have you ever stopped to consider how the connections that you have with people have influenced your life?

(1:39) I’m certain that we all realize the value of choosing like-minded people to surround ourselves by, but do you actually take action and ‘choose?’

(4:29) I’m so glad I am experiencing this with you right now because when I asked myself these questions, it caused me to realize that there are people in my life right now that are there for a reason. They are serving a purpose!

(6:34) As you may know, I have since moved on from that career, but as I look back, I am wow’d by the people that I ended up being introduced to during those years!

(7:19) That transition of moving away, was really hard—but through it I learned some valuable lessons that may resonate with you. One is that it’s important that we are open to forming new relationships (and without qualifiers like age or what they do for a living, or how or where we connect with them).

(9:10) And finally, the distance caused me to do some gardening within my relationships—some tilling, weeding and some replanting.

(11:36) Do not take on mental anguish when allowing relationships to transition in your life. You are not losing a relationship, in fact you are taking all the amazing influence it had with you.

(13:15) I’m going to share with you 10 intentional practices that you can use to bring positive influence and change into the lives of others. I will provide a download of these methods in the Thrive Blog.

(20:22) The act of giving to another is also a gift to ourselves. When we give, we will receive. This is not a selfish act, but is the catalyst to developing unshakable human bonds that influence one another.


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