Travel with D: Adventures in Italy

Adventures in Amalfi Coast Italy

July was filled with memorable travels to the diverse and beautiful country of Italy.

We began our journey flying into Roma and then headed directly to the Amalfi Coast. My husband, David aka @hotelsnob and I have visited this area of Italy and continue to be drawn into its beauty!


adventures in amalfi coast Italy


While the breathtaking views are incredibly memorable, so is the accommodations that we’ve chosen to stay three years in a row.

The Monastero Santa Rosa is a gem. Once a 17th Century monastery, and now after a decade of renovations, is a majestic luxury boutique hotel.


adventures in amalfi coast Italy


adventures in amalfi coast Italy


Every amenity the hotel has to offer—is timeless.

I just can’t get enough time in the lush gardens that are beautifully curated around the property, which lend to such peaceful moments. We had a memorable visit with Executive Chef Christof Bob, as he toured us around his private gardens grown for use in the kitchen. This is where the staff  prune herbs and vegetables for the day’s service. How could there possibly be yet another extraordinary view? The gardens terrace even higher on the land and lends to a different vantage of the hotel and Sea beneath.  Add in the spa and unique outdoor gym curated to see just the right views to keep us motivated to workout and I’ve absolutely been transported to a place that I don’t want to leave!

Click over to @ahotelsnob review of the Monastero Santa Rosa for more details and gorgeous photos of the property!


adventures in Italy


adventures in amalfi coast Italy


adventures in amalfi coast Italy

Through traveling with my husband over many years, we’ve had the joy and blessing of getting to know many people and their cultures. Our lives have been impacted greatly by the places we’ve ventured and by the people we’ve met.

Traveling to diverse Italy and experiencing the Coast of Amalfi, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Puglia, Roma and the magnficent Dolomites, we have learned of the cultures great passion for caring for the land, restoring historical architecture, their love of family and daily enjoyment of fresh foods grown from their soils. Italy certainly has our heart.

adventures in amalfi italy

Can we talk about the amazing body of water that surrounds Italy?

Through our global adventures, we’ve realized that there is nothing quite like experiencing the sights of the land from the water.

And so when it is doable, our travels always include a day or two of exploring from the vantage of whatever body of water our destination offers us. And the sights to see of Italy are magical!

The Amalfi has breathtaking views that are well worth the effort of renting a boat. On our most recent trip to Italy, we began our ‘tour’ and traveled down the Coast to Positano. And stopped “for much needed errands”: obtaining fresh local charcuterie for the day! Our captain then took us to the lovely island of Capri, where we anchored and were picked up by the staff at Il Irccio for lunch on Anacapri. (More photos and descriptions of our other travels by boat along the coasts of Italy to come in future posts!).



adventures in amalfi coast Italy



adventures in amalfi coast Italy


adventures in amalfi italy


adventures in amalfi Italy

An exceptional day on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea ended with one of my all-time favorite experiences—the sunset.

adventures amalfi Italy


adventures in Italy

If you don’t have Italy (or this side of Italy!) on your bucket list—I recommend an edit! You will depart with beautiful memories from your visit to a coast like none other!

Thrive on,


Be You and Thrive



Accommodations: Click here for @ahotelsnob review and more details

Restaurant on Anacapri: Il Riccio


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  1. Laura
    July 21, 2017, 7:10 EST

    Your trip looks incredible! This part of Italy is definitely on my bucket list…it’s a very long list! 🙂

    • MightyD
      July 23, 2017, 4:42 EST

      Mine is long too Laura!!! xo~D