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Hi friend!

We all experience transitional phases within life and in turn have felt confusion, doubt and stress. And more than likely, we each have also second-guessed our decisions and felt pressure from others opinions. Transitions and unexpected change are a natural part of life and whatever the circumstance, the period of transition can be hard.


I believe all of your experiences are important—because they are uniquely important to you. But I also think that when we are in the midst of unexpected circumstances, our vision can get clouded and it’s difficult to see beyond the present moment. Learning to navigate your way through this season of life towards a positive outcome, is important!

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Below are 5 tactics for transition.

1 Expect (and allow) yourself to feel uncomfortable.
When going through a new transition, I find myself standing firm as if I’m raising ‘my armor’ to say to my unexpected change, ‘Come what may!’ But in reality, when we keep our armor in the closet and ‘sit through’ the experience, we will be much better off. It’s okay to let your guard down and feel uncomfortable. Unexpected change is uncomfortable, because it’s experiencing the unknown. Don’t resist the change, learn to embrace it and grow through it. I promise you that if you’re open, it will bring renewal and new opportunity that you wouldn’t experience otherwise.

2 Let go.
Half the battle we face amidst a transition, is letting go. Perhaps even letting go of feeling as though we need to be the strong person we desire to be or want others to perceive us as, and allow ourselves to be human. If there is one strong focus I have had in my life—it’s living in the present moment and not in the past. A critical part of letting go during transition, is acceptance of the old and the new. I will never state that letting go or moving forward is easy, but I do believe that we do not experience life as we should, if we aren’t present in this very moment.

3 Surround yourself with ‘the right’ people.
Find your trustworthy tribe! Lean on them. Accept their guidance and strength. Share. Listen. Ask. Allow them to give back to you when you need it most. Years ago I found myself ‘way too open’ to allowing people into my life. This might sound harsh to you, but over the years I have learned that we are greatly influenced by those we spend time with. We should gather around those we wish to emulate, friends who support us, believe in us and people that we can wholeheartedly trust.

4 Be open to a new perspective.
The photo above is a picture I took from an airplane looking down into the sea. I instantly thought about how expansive and great the world is—What a view! And with deeper thought, when seeing things from a different perspective, the situations that feel larger than life—are really oh so small.

In transitional periods it’s important to keep a fresh perspective. Yes things may not be going ‘as planned’—but who said, ‘as planned’ was the right direction?  With patience and a fresh perspective, you will become more open to unexpected transitions. You may even find the good in them!

5 Have faith.
Because I love music and often find myself going directly to lyrics when I think or speak, FAITH, takes me right to George Michaels song, ‘You gotta have faith faith faith..” (Okay, I’m dating myself). But really, George was on to something! Let’s gain faith (confidence and trust) by riding worry and doubt about our future or ‘what’s next!’. While going through a difficult transition, I pray, I do my best to remind myself to have a positive outlook and I wholeheartedly believe I eventually will be okay. We don’t know what tomorrow brings or what our future holds, so why place your energy toward the unknown? Have faith in today and in yourself—you are worth believing in!

In every transition I have experienced, once I get through the ‘uncomfortable phase’ and allow myself to be open to change, I always, always experience growth.

…And the same will happen for you.

You will make it through this change. I’m cheering you on from the sidelines and am here for you.

Big love,



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  1. Jennifer
    February 9, 2017, 5:21 EST

    Amen, sister! Your insight is empowering and true! Keep spreading truth and love and inspiration!

    • MightyD
      February 9, 2017, 4:08 EST

      Jennifer! What a joy to hear from you! xo

  2. Amy Chlebek Lloyd
    February 9, 2017, 12:37 EST

    Loved your five tactics and especially number one. Allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable and staying in it instead of bolting is one that can be excruciating and also healing. Thanks for sharing!

    • MightyD
      February 9, 2017, 4:10 EST

      Ha! I tend to bolt! And practice ‘sitting through’ it….! xo~D

  3. Katie
    February 13, 2017, 11:06 EST

    These are so well said. Last spring I was in this state of transition with a friendship and #2 was what I needed the most— letting go.. I had a death grip on what I thought the outcome should have been – but now with a new perspective, looking back gives me insight that it needed to happen just as it did. Thanks for the reminder of this!
    All of these points lined up perfectly with what it took for me to move through it. Spot on D! Thanks for writing this- it will be a handy tool next time I find myself stuck in a transition. Life is full of ’em! ??

    • MightyD
      February 15, 2017, 6:47 EST

      OH my is life ‘full of them!’. I appreciate you sharing about one of yours. Isn’t interesting how we understand ‘the why’ after the fact?! xo~D